5 Reasons to Drink Rosé On Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is just awful. For others, it’s the only day of the year they can be grossly cute with their significant other and get away with it in good conscience. Whether you fall in the first or the second camp, you’re going to want a drink.

So it’s lover’s day and you’re in need of a beverage, whether you want to drown your sorrows with it or get in the mood for well… whatever people do on Valentine’s Day.

What to drink? In our opinion the answer is simple: Rosé! Why? Here are 5 damn good reasons rosé is the drink for Valentine’s Day.


1) It’s pink! Duh.

“That’s so cliché!” you may say. Well, isn’t that point? If there’s one holiday that reaches into the stratosphere of stereotypical, corny, sentimental and decked out in pink and red… it’s good old V-Day. This drink will match the shirt your girlfriend made you wear, or that ridiculous card your boyfriend got at the corner store 15 minutes before you met up for dinner.


2) Sort of like love itself, rosé is all about compromise.
He loves red. She prefers white- it’s a tale as old as time. On Lover’s Day, it would be the best for any and all in a relationship to meet somewhere in the middle… there’s a first time for everything, right?

Rosé happens to be somewhere right in between a proper red and a proper white wine. It is made by allowing the grape skins to impart their flavors and color to an otherwise white/clear juice- but only just long enough to absorb a little bit of all that stuff that makes a red wine a true red both in color and flavor. Put simply, Sweet Lady Rosé tends to satisfy those on either side of the red/white divide.


3) It comes in sparkling form.

Bubbly beverages have the power to make even a half-assed date look a whole lot better than it should. If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and wine that sparkles is the definitive drink for celebrations of all shapes and sizes- would not a sparkling rosé be the perfect libation for your heart shaped occasion? Indeed, ‘twould.


4) It can help you save up for more expensive and regrettable purchases.
Because rosé is such a diplomatic, crowd-pleasing wine, you won’t need to break the bank to get a rosé that matches the “quality” of your relationship. A cheap red or white will give itself away like a flame in a bale of hay… but rosé will hold your wallet down, because it’s cool like that. Maybe now you can finally splurge on that special necklace or sweater your partner will hate.


5) It pairs well with those “Sweethearts” candies.

Yeah, those little (always stale) heart shaped candies that come with half scratched off love notes on them? They actually offer an interesting complement to rosé… if only in that special and magical way that something really shitty makes you realize how good the good thing you’re tasting is.

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