Best Hangover Meals from the Masters

Everybody has a different definition of comfort. Consequently, everybody has a different definition of comfort food. However, your first meal in hangover mode does make a difference, in terms of feeling better physically and feeling better spiritually.

While you may have a few tricks up your sleeve (and several fan favorites), there are few more qualified people to speak on the subject than those kicking ass in the food and beverage world. Take their tips and make your Sunday mornings that much sweeter:


Christopher Bates: Master Sommelier, Owner of Element Winery and The FLX Wienery

“Fat and carbs. Totally fat and carbs. A burger has everything that you need. It has fat, it has protein, it has salt, it has sweetness and it has acid from ketchup. All of those things come together and give you an awesome background. You might not think about the burger, you might be thinking about the wine you drink with it, but the burger has everything that you need to soften and temper wine, I love it.”


Victoria James, Sommelier at Piora 

“The best hangover cure is a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a drop of an Epazote tincture! It is the stuff of miracles. In terms of a meal, nothing beats making egg-in-a-hole. Runny egg yolk, lots of butter and perfectly fried bread. Perfection and easy to make when standing is troublesome. Butter makes all things better.”


Leah Jorgensen, Owner & Winemaker at Leah Jorgensen Cellars, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

“The go-to breakfast of champions is, hands down, Huevos Rancheros. What makes it such a staple in hangover treatment, besides being the ultimate comfort food, are the nutrients that soothe symptoms, like headache and exhaustion. The tortillas and beans have carbs that boost the blood sugar; the chili sauce will wake you up with its spike of heat; the eggs are high in protein and omega fats, which are easy to digest, and also contain amino acids, like cysteine, that help rebuild neurotransmitters and other cell damage caused by drinking alcohol.”


Sam Timberg, Managing Director at Meridian Prime Wines

“Best hangover meal… without a doubt the poached oysters and caviar from Maison Premiere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I know oysters to some sound like the worst of all possible hangover foods, but this dish is perfection. Briney oysters, salty caviar, and a poached egg work some sort of magic. Also, the Bloodies there are excellent and you can have some traditional absinthe for dessert.”



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