6 Bottles to Pair with Takeout for a V-Day Night In

Whether enjoyed with a loved one or cheers-ing to the single life, Valentine’s Day certainly brings about reasons to celebrate – wine included of course. Though as most of us know by now, going out for Valentine’s Day can be overrated. Between crowds, overpriced fixed menus and some seriously tacky decorations, it might be better to celebrate with a quiet night in. And what better way to celebrate than with wine and takeout? Whichever cuisine you choose, we’ve got just the perfect wine recommendation. Check out suggestions below for a seriously satisfying night in.

If ordering Mexican, drink dry rosé.

Rosé is the biggest gift to the food and wine pairing world. Whether it’s fish, red meat, chicken or other poultry, there’s really nothing that rosé doesn’t pair with. If Mexican cuisine is on your V-Day takeout list, be sure to grab a bottle of pink to pair with your burritos, enchiladas or various taco dishes. Better yet, make it a bottle of sparkling rosé because what’s better than a glass of pink bubbles?

If ordering Chinese, drink Gewurztraminer.

Ah, Chinese, America’s OG takeout food. No matter what the dish might be, there’s sure to be some tang, zest or maybe a little heat to it. For that reason, a bottle of Gewurztraminer is the perfect pairing. Known for its rose petal and lychee flavors, the wine’s fruit-forwardness (and oftentimes, slight residual sugar) make the wine perfect for pairing alongside noodles, sesame chicken and fried rice.

If ordering Indian, drink Riesling.

Indian food is known to pack some serious heat – which is why a little bit of residual sugar is necessary. Sugar balances out heat in food, toning down the burn and bringing out the best in the dish. An off-dry Riesling, particularly from Germany or Alsace, is the perfect match for India’s most popular dishes.

If ordering pizza, drink Barbera or Sangiovese.

What grows together goes together, right? Pizza is always a standard takeout option, and when paired alongside a basic Barbera or Chianti, the dish totally comes to life. Unlike the (generally) pricy Nebbiolos of Piedmont, Barbera is the locals’ everyday drinking option; fresh, high-acid and ready to pop and pour. We can’t think of a wine more suited to pizza.

If ordering sushi, drink Pinot Gris.

Rice, avocado, fresh fish – all of sushi’s random components come alive with a glass of refreshing Pinot Gris. And if anything spicy is in the mix, follow the theme above and grab a bottle with some residual sugar. Although Italian Pinot Grigio tends to be the variety’s claim to fame, we recommend venturing into Alsace or Oregon for your sushi and Pinot Gris pairing.

If ordering wings, drink bubbles!

According to various surveys, chicken (wings included) is America’s favorite takeout food, and just like rosé, bubbles pair with nearly everything. Whether hot and spicy or sticky and sweet, wings and bubbles go hand-in-hand. The wine’s high acidity pairs gorgeously with any sort of fried batter, tames heat and keeps the palate watering, craving for more. And really, what says ‘I love you’ more than a bottle of bubbles and a bucket of chicken?

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