Juice Jams of the Week: 12.13.14

This Saturday, we asked WA’s rockstar graphic designer (and secret novelist) Andrew Parris to put together his perfect playlist… good thing we did! As always, keep up with WA’s musical selections on Spotify by following our playlist WA Juice Jams.


Bondax- All I See (Darius Remix)

This is a night-starter of a track that pulses its way through spacey hooks with an old-school diva style vocal.


Crayon ft. KLP- Give You Up (Yuksek Remix)

This tune is a realm in which synth bass is king and acid flashbacks of disco days are queen.



Little Boots- Heroine

“Heroine” is a glossy, slow building tune with a lounge inflection and a small dash of something different.



George Maple- Vacant Space

“Vacant Space” is a poignant, spacey and decidedly dark bubble that’s always waiting to burst.



The Magician ft. Years & Years- Sunlight (Darius Remix)

Let the soul in the vocals guide you over the thudding bass and the stop-and-start beat.



Sam Sure- Hunger

“Hunger” is glitchy and all about a busy vocal but remains melodic and chilled out throughout.



Chet Faker- Gold (Flume Remix)

“Gold” begins off-kilter and stark but finishes confident, catchy and right with it… let the melody guide you through the waves of synth and backing vocal.



Jessie Ware- Champagne Kisses

This song’s instrumental sounds a whole lot like Kanye West’s “Bound 2” (which sounded way too much like the Ponderosa Twins Plus One) but in this case that’s a good thing… why not?



Years & Years- Real

Get your best clapping hands ready.


Tiaan- Clean

Tiaan’s “Clean” is bubbly and lush but simultaneously stark in its own decidedly enticing way.

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