Licensed to Grill: Wine & BBQ Forever

Wine has been associated with white tablecloth dining for way too long. It has been characterized by narrow atmospheric conditions and contexts that severely limit the potential for wine to be something more than a soft spoken formality.

Come on people, let wine play!

Spring and summer is the ultimate time of year to indulge in wine without hoity-toity rules, upturned noses and conventions that some skeleton wrote in the stiffened pages of ancient etiquette books.

“Just like you, wine needs a little sand on its toes, some live music drifting through the air, and tons of BBQ sauce on its face”

What better place to start this conservation than at the grill? After all, it’s food’s number one chill space, a zone completely void of rules.

From Texas to Memphis to Kansas City there’s legendary BBQ. In Vietnam, Australia, Brasil, and Japan, wood fired food is at the core of the eating experience.

American summer air is thick with scents of grilled meat, veggies, marinades, secret rubs, traditional regional seasonings, and original takes on basic elements like corn on the cob.

Wine was made for the endlessness of flavors that originates from outdoor grills everywhere.

“This month, Wine Awesomeness is diving into some killer wine-and-grill combos that deserve just as much attention as a cold six pack of beer. Actually, more attention.”

Get on board with the Wine Awesomeness Backyard BBQ box.


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