The Chambong: Taking Champagne to the Next Level

Here at thebacklabel, we like to consider ourselves professional Champagne consumers (read: we know how to chug the bubbly). So when we got wind of a product designed specifically to expedite the very serious process of Champagne guzzling, we were all over it.

The Chambong is a hybrid of a Champagne glass and a bong, and with a 6-ounce capacity, this product allows us to throw it back much easier than the regular ol’ Champagne glass we’re so accustomed to.

Described by the creators as a device “intended to dispense Champagne or sparkling wine rapidly into the body so that quick intoxication may occur,” this seems like a product we can get behind.



The Chambong website specifically states not to use this product for the consumption of anything other than Champagne, but we have a feeling that vodka, gin, whiskey or whatever your beverage of choice may be, might also go down a little smoother with the help of our new drinking buddy.

There is also something to be said for the website. With a pretty unique backstory on how the Chambong was born (a failed attempt during a Super Bowl party to create a device from which to smoke cannabis) mixed with a very detailed, and somewhat odd, disclaimer, it seems as though the website might have been put together after a few uses of the product it is selling.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the device also promises to help you land that big promotion, crush karaoke and fill the void, so you’re really getting your bang for your buck here.

It’s time to push the limits of your party (or office) scene, and this seems like the perfect product to start with. Coming in hot to our Swag Shop, the Chambong is the perfect vessel for consuming copious amounts of Champagne in the classiest manner.


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