4 Reasons to Drink Rosé with your Turkey

When hosting a Thanksgiving feast you are given a mammoth task as tastemaker. This comes with a heaping side of decisions like if you should make a turduckin or just a turkey? Or, is deep-frying your bird really worth a possible fire or hospital visit? Rest easy my friend, because when it comes to the wine we have one word for you: Rosé.

Hear me out! Rosé is not just a ‘fun in the sun, summer love’ kind of wine, she is so much more than that. Here are a few reasons why rosé will turn a drab turkey dinner into a Thanksgiving to remember.


So Fresh and So Clean

With a Thanksgiving spread that is loaded with platters of food more rich and buttery than the last, it is good to have something to brighten up your palate. In this sense rosé is like your funny relative that has perfect comedic timing. It can lighten any mood just when you thought you were overwhelmed. Having a crisp clean and refreshing wine between bites is key.


It’s Not Just Summer Water

“Summer water” is a term most often used for a Provence (a region in the south of France) style rosé that is usually the shade of a watered down Sweet’N Low packet. These wines are perfect for summer, they are dangerously chuggable and immensely refreshing. But that’s not the only variety of rosé.

We are here to tell you there is such a thing as “year-round” rosé. These wines come in many different shades, from diverse regions, made from a plethora of grapes. They offer a deep connection, more depth of flavor and better pairing ability. You can find these wines from California, many regions throughout Italy and Corsica.


Go Bold

Bolder rosés are wines that have had more skin contact during the maceration of the grapes in the winemaking process, this gives the wine a little more zipp and jazz. Bolder rosés have more robust flavor in them. Clad with herbaceous, spice box and mineral notes that give these wines great depth and food partnership. Also, for those of you that love a big-ass tannic red, it’s not unusual for these wines to have a gripe-y tannin as well.


Make it Sparkle

Thanksgiving in my house is a very special occasion and that calls for the bubbly! A rosé Cremant from France is a beautiful way to cheer the ones you are thankful for, is half the cost of Champagne but with all the elegance and class. Cremants are made in method traditional which means that there second fermentation is in the bottle. This is the same way that Champagne is made.


This Thanksgiving put your mind at ease and grab a case (or a bottle) of a beautiful rosé and throw the turkey bash that no one will ever forget! We believe in you.