What to Drink With Every Holiday Side Dish

I don’t know about you, but in my world, Christmas dinner is all about the side dishes. Whether you’re obsessed with stuffing or swear by sweet potato casserole, we decided to pair the true food stars of the holiday season with a selection of curated drinks. Here, what to drink with some of the most popular side dishes to improve their flavor, and make your relatives more tolerable.

Mashed Potatoes

Pairing potatoes with Prosecco is our favorite high/low contrast – it doesn’t get more divine than a glass of bubbly, and sipping it with something simple, like creamy mashed potatoes just makes the perfect combination.

Green Bean Casserole

Though this dish has never graced my holiday table, I know it’s a classic. So, I looked to the experts at Betty Crocker for pairing advice. They soundly suggest an Argentinian white wine called Torrontes. The wine is unique for it’s bright acidity thanks to a zippy lemon flavor – the perfect way to perk up this heavy side.

Butternut Squash

The OG of squash side dishes, butternut is the perfect way to add some color to your Christmas table. Bring out the veggie’s earthy side with some oaky Chardonnay.


Keep the carb fest going and pop open a beer to go with this bread-based side. We recommend a hoppy IPA to balance out the heaviness of the stuffing, but pretty much any brew would be delicious.

Brussels Sprouts

Or any green vegetable – maybe you prefer asparagus or kale. Any way you serve it, make sure it’s accompanied with a glass of dry red wine. The natural sweetness of the veggies will come through (especially if you roast them!), and pair deliciously with an understated red.

Sweet Potatoes

Whether you top yours with melty marshmallows or not, add to your sugar high by eating your favorite holiday sweet potatoes with a hard cider. We suggest a small serving of something not too sweet, like Downeast Cider or Wolffer’s rose cider.

Cranberry Sauce

End on a sweet note (before you hit up the dessert table) and pair this controversial cranberry condiment with a glass of port wine. A port with chocolaty notes will go down beautifully with a few bites of the tangy side dish.

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