Wine Apps That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Whether you’re a budget wine drinker or an aspiring sommelier, sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to choosing the perfect bottle or picking up some basic vino knowledge. Luckily, there are a bunch of wine-focused apps on the market that can do everything from locate a nearby bottle of your favorite bubbly to serve up expert reviews of restaurant wine lists. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the most useful ones—and best of all, none of these cost a dime. (More money for Tuesday night champagne, am I right?)



For restaurant know-how

Ever felt overwhelmed by a restaurant’s wine list? Trust me, you’re not alone. With Vivino, you can scan the wine list, and the app will pull up ratings and reviews for each bottle. You can also use Vivino to scan the label of almost any wine bottle, and general information like the price and average rating, along with some fun facts, will pop up. These reviews are Yelp-style, and since wine professionals aren’t weighing in, they can be hit or miss. We recommend sticking with Vivino if you’re feeling overwhelmed with a restaurant’s wine list and need a little guidance.



For somm-approved bottles

Delectable is favored over Vivino by sommeliers and winemakers, so users can see these expert drinkers’ bottles of choice and check out their tasting notes. We think it’s great if you’re hunting for a bottle that will impress your in-laws, your clients, or your blind date. The app also offers curated wine categories and our favorite section, food matches. Delectable has a partner commerce app called Banquet, so if you find a bottle you want to try, you can order it directly.



For locating your favorite bottle

You may be familiar with this handy website, but the Winesearcher app is super convenient when you’re on the go and trying to find your best friend’s favorite Pinot Noir while en route to their housewarming party. Winesearcher to the rescue! You can search by name or via a photo of the label, and the app will give you a list of nearby retailers who have the bottle in stock. Pro tip: the next time you’re especially enjoying a bottle of wine at a restaurant or party, snap a photo of the label so you can learn where to buy it. You can also compare prices and check out ratings, so we’ll be downloading this ASAP.


Pocket Wine Pairing

For fail-proof pairings

This food-focused app features individual pairing guides for every food type—learn what type of wine you should be drinking with everything from pizza to pork chops. Reviewers of Pocket Wine Pairing applaud the app’s wonderful customer service and it’s easy-to-navigate interface, so that’s definitely an added bonus, especially for a free tool. This app will be your new go-to when you’re planning your next dinner party or need wine pairings for book club hors d’oeuvres.

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