Wine and Instagram: The Perfect Pairing

There aren’t many things that we spend as much time doing as we do drinking wine…but we do spend a shocking amount of time on Instagram. Here you can find our favorite wine-themed friends dominating our feeds.

Rosé Season

For all things rosé look no further. Rosé Season is fresh pop of pink in every post and makes us want it to be summer right about now.  

Women Who Love Wine

Are you someone who loves wine? Are you someone who loves wine more than your friends/family/pretty much anything you can think of? Then you are in the right place, friend.


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Ian Cauble

If you have ever wanted to know what the life of a master somm looks like, look no further. Plus Ian posts from truly drool-worthy photos of food and wine.  

Dustin Wilson

Dustin is also a master somm so you know he is eating and drinking the good stuff. Check out his page to see just what a NYC somm gets up to and prepare to be jealous. 


Once Upon A Wine

This Sydney based wine influencer is living the life down under…Down under the table is exactly where you’d find yourself if you tried to keep up with this guy.     

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Rupal Shankar

Rupal might have one of the classiest wine pages on social media but don’t let her proper posts get you jealous. Follow her and find out how to live your best wine life.


André Hueston Mack

André Mack is a wine maker and a great one at that. Unassuming – but in wine that is a great thing – unpretentious and unanimously one of our faves.    

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Marissa Ross

Marissa is fun, knowledgable, and is really really good at chugging wine. The best part? She has no wine certification beyond drinking a ton of it. A woman after our own hearts.


Birk O’Halloran

Birk and Iconic is a wine nerds paradise…literally. Ever wanted a comic book character on your delicious wine? Well look no further…  

Wine Awesomeness

We couldn’t help ourselves…if you don’t already, follow WA for everything from wine accessories to recipe to videos. You won’t regret it.

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