Yoga Wine Classes Make Relaxation So Much Easier

Yoga classes incorporating beer were a big hit a few months ago, and now the Williamsburg Winery is offering a twist on this booze-fueled relaxation session with a “Yoga and Wine” class.

Michelle Kimball, marketing director of this Virginia winery, told the Virginia Gazette that “there are a lot of ways to experience our property besides the traditional tour and tasting, so we began offering active lifestyle experiences this year like wine and yoga, and a cycling club.” Their website is also boasting a running club, which is pretty on-brand for us – the only way you’ll get me to run a 5k is with a glass of wine waiting at the finish line.

After you complete the hour-long yoga class, which is open to all skill levels, you’ll be rewarded with a glass of wine.

“The yoga changes depending on the featured wine. If it’s a lighter wine it’s going to be a laid back class, if the wine is darker it’s going to be a more intense class,” said instructor Mary Robinson of Body Balance Studio.

For example, a lively red wine will follow a fast, rigorous workout.

Robinson was inspired to create these classes by her two passions: yoga and wine.

“While wine tasting, we surrender to our senses to explore the complexity and depth of the wine. Similarly, in yoga, with each posture, we use our breath and movement to explore the deep complexity of the mind body connection. By incorporating elements of the wine into our yoga practice, we allow ourselves to deepen the wine tasting experience beyond tasting, and into feeling.”

Reportedly, the yoga class started in April with a planned four week run, but the winery extended the class into the summer thanks to popular demand. They’re hoping to make it a year-round thing, but you don’t have to travel to Virginia to have a wine-centric meditation experience. Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ offers a “Girls Night Out” version of the class as well as cleverly named “VinoVinyasa.” Millbrook Vineyard in New York’s Hudson Valley holds “Wine, Body & Soul” classes, and you can even book your own event with Yoga Wine Party. Deep breathing has never been so rewarding.

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