5 Cocktail Garnishes that are Full-Blown Meals

Who doesn’t like to eat when they drink? Any bar that brings you popcorn or pretzels without having to ask gets a five-star rating in my book. It’s just nice to have something to snack on while you’re drinking, you know? I was inspired by some of the insane Bloody Mary concoctions I’ve seen on Instagram, and decided to do a full-blown investigation into some of the craziest edible garnishes — with these drinks, I don’t think I’d need a bowl of bar nuts.

Sobelman’s Pub N Grill

Sobelman’s, which has five locations in Wisconsin, is the holy grail of insane Bloody Mary’s. The Bloody Beast comes garnished with a whole fried chicken; The Masterpiece is topped with a cheeseburger; and The Beast comes with “all the garnishes, sliders and bacon-wrapped cheese balls you could imagine.”


Boke Bowl

This dim sum spot in Portland garnishes their Bloody with fried chicken and house-pickled vegetables, so you get a snack with your drink. The Bloody Mary itself is made with fennel dashi and baijiu, a Chinese rice liquor, so it’s right at home with your potstickers, noodles and bao.

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The Garage Bar & Grill

Not a Bloody Mary lover? Fear not because The Garage Bar & Grill in Washington serves up something monstrous dubbed “The Southerner.” The cocktail, made with vodka, orange juice and Champagne, is garnished with half a Belgian waffle, fried chicken, sweet potato fries, fresh fruit and a side of maple syrup. Have your brunch and drink it, too! The Garage also makes a ton of different Bloodies with garnishes like Texas toast grilled cheese, fried shrimp, chicken wings and jalapeño poppers.

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Anvil Pub Deep Ellum

This Dallas spot has brunch cocktails on steroids. Their bloody comes with a bacon cheeseburger while the mimosa and screwdriver come garnished with cinnamon rolls, tater tots, breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit. We’re not done yet. Their sangria is topped with steak and shrimp fajitas, taquitos, chimichangas, chorizo-stuffed jalapeños and fresh grapes. Bring your friends and try one of each!

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The Bang Bang Bar

Find yourself in San Antonio? Order this bar’s brunch Michelada/Bloody combo, and you’ll also get a giant turkey leg. If you’re not super hungry, or just want dessert, try their amazing mimosas that are topped off with a fluffy cloud of cotton candy. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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