Frozen Prosecco is the Best Prosecco

National Prosecco Week is runs from June 11-16.  It’s a week filled with classes about the bubbly and fun events across the U.S., but this Prosecco cocktail recipe will give you a head start on everything you need to know about what to eat with these special bubbles from Italy!

Prosecco is basically the best thing to ever come out of Italy, along with prosciutto, Chianti, dreams of the Amalfi coast, the Roman Colosseum, and romantic gondola rides through the canals of Venice. So you get it?!? Italy, across the entire boot, is an amazingly romantic destination. But back to Prosecco!

This sparkling juice is incredibly versatile and pairs well with all kinds of bites from bagel bites to the highest grade of sushi tuna. Why is Prosecco such a pairable wine? It is all about the balance between acid AKA that bit of tartness combined with the slightest touch of sweetness AKA the fruitiness.  Lyn Farmer, the James Beard Award Winning wine expert explains, “Prosecco DOC has become a nation-wide favorite thanks to wide availability of quality wine, and Prosecco’s outstanding versatility.” 

Vino versatility makes these special bubbles incredible for cocktails of all kinds.  But we’re going to take it up a notch a la Emeril Lagasse! We’re thinking frozen, boozy, and fruity!  BAM! Move over rosé and spritzers and enjoy an Italian classic cocktail with a new twist. The Prosecco Sgroppino is your new summer favorite adult beverage.  

Blood Orange Sgroppino

1 scoop of your favorite sorbet

½ oz of vodka of your choice

¼ oz for Campari

4 oz of Prosecco DOC

Garnish options include lemon, cucumber, mint, and orange


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