Q&A: The High + the Low with Gia Coppola

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WA: What are some of your biggest artistic influences?

GC: Stephen Shore, Corrine Day, Anjelica Huston, Joan Didion, Kanye, Fast and Furious, @decorehardcore,@somewheremagazine, James Gray movies, Wild Wild Country, Joseph Conrad

WA: What inspires you and/or how do you find inspiration for different projects?

GC: Photography, reading, watching movies, having a Coke with friends.

WA: In another life what would you do as a career if you could pick one thing?

GC: Be a chef. The energy of the kitchen feels similar to making a movie.

WA: Do you cook a lot? Do you host dinner parties with friends? What’s your favorite
thing to cook?

GC: Not as much as I’d like, but I find working with my hands to be very soothing.
That’s how i got into bartending. It’s a creative way to use your hands. It’s kind of like
chemistry in a way.

WA: How would you describe your personal style?

GC: Casual with a touch of odd stoner.

WA: What’s your favorite book?

GC: I love “Victory: An Island Tale” by Joseph Conrad. Joan Didion said she’d read it
every time she was going to write a book.

WA: What drove you to want to make wine?  These in particular?

GC: My friends and I are just trying to learn about wine. But before, when it came to
drinking, it was about the price tag and what would get us drunk. I wanted to make a wine
that wasn’t intimidating and tasted good — something that could be a good segue to
wanting to learn more about wine. I really wanted to make a product I knew my friends
would enjoy.

WA: What was your first wine experience?

GC: I was always allowed wine. As a kid, I would get a little and mix it with ginger ale.

WA: What’s the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to get the wines made?

GC: It’s really hard understanding all the parts that go into it and learning how the
process is more about growth and trial and error.

WA: What’s your first memory of Coppola Winery?

GC: I remember being 12 and really wanting a job. So I worked at the winery as the olive
oil tasting girl.

WA: What are some of your favorite go-to party foods/appetizers?

GC: French fries because it’s really hard to mess up french fries. And they’re salty,
crunchy, and delicious.

WA: Go-to’s when hosting a party (dishes, themes, activities)?

GC: I like setting the table. I like picking which napkins and plates go together but
usually the night ends in something rowdy like a food fight or dance party.

WA: What’s one food you cannot live without?

GC: In-N-Out or Shake Shack cheeseburger.

WA: Who are you listening to right now?

GC: I like really annoying top 40 music on the radio. I’m sort of fascinated how dumb the
lyrics can be. I hate it so much it turns to love.

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