5 Ways to Drink Champagne for Breakfast

Champagne rules, there are no two ways about it. Drinking champagne for breakfast rules too, here’s how to do it and do it well. (Note: ‘Champagne’ in this article implies any wine that sparkles, because it sounds a whole lot better than just ‘Sparkling Wine.’)


1) The Classic:


A Mimosa. You can’t go wrong here. What’s the ratio, again? Mostly Champagne with a dash of OJ, right? Sounds good. Pairs well with coffee, gossip, group texting, and checking to make sure no one tagged you in any inappropriate pictures from the previous night.



2) The Impress Everyone:


A Poinsettia. Take a glass of Champagne and add a splash of cranberry juice. Then toss in a couple of dried cranberries. The bubbles in the Champagne will make the cranberries float up and down! Ideal for awakening the day after your office holiday party to discover you inherited a few crashers on your floor or in your bathtub. Blow their minds, and send them on their way. You’ll be all the talk at the water cooler on Monday.


3) The Gin n’ Juice:


Okay, I just made that up. But real Ginger Beer is an amazing thing- its a stronger, more gingery version of ginger ale and everything it touches turns to magic. Splash this into your Champagne, and maybe throw in a squeeze of fresh lime. Delicious and different. Also, if you have a random pale ale around the house and a friend who doesn’t like Champagne (wait… those people exist?), Ginger Beer is delicious with light beer, too. Trust me. Consider putting both of these on the rocks.


4.) The Schmancy Pants:






Rosemary simple syrup and Grapefruit juice. Reminiscent of a Salty Dog, this is yet another perfect morning sipper. Plus, simple syrup is incredibly easy to make: take 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water and maybe 4-5 sprigs of rosemary. Boil ‘em for a minute or two, then cool completely. Toss the rosemary sprigs in the trash, then store the syrup in a glass jar. It’ll keep forever! Champagne + Grapefruit juice + your dope-ass syrup = winning.


5) The Cut to the Chase:





Out of the bottle, with a straw. Why mess with perfection. This method is the ultimate convenience and an ideal post “walk of shame” self-medicator. Plus it can easily be consumed while reclining on a couch, a bed, or even a bathtub. You rule.

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