5 Wine Resolutions for 2015

2015 is almost here! With the same degree of excitement that we do every year at this time, we’re all poised to make this the best. year. ever. So clear out those Holiday cobwebs, get focused, and make some resolutions of the wine kind. These will be, by far, the best ones you could make.

1) Drink more!

Okay, we’re not saying from purely a quantity standpoint, really! The truth is, if you’ve resolved to learn about, love or even just try wine this year, the only way to accomplish this is by drinking it. You have you get those tastebuds used to tasting, y’all. That’s the only thing that will develop your palate, and you’ll have to suffer through it. Your recognition threshold (fancy wine term) will evolve as you taste more wine. So drink more wine!

2) Try something new!

In the same vein, you have to try different stuff in order to get those same tastebuds really worked over. Do you think you only like red wine? Or one particular grape? Your brain may be convinced of this, but the science just doesn’t support it. Shake it up! Your palate will change. You may go through one or two wine “phases” throughout the year, in the course of exploration. That is totally normal! Just keep going. You’ll end up re-appreciating your old favorites, and discovering new ones.

3) Don’t listen to anyone

(Except us. We kid, we kid.) But really, take this to heart: do you have one friend that thinks of him or herself as the wine person in the circle? Or maybe this person is in your family? Don’t let he or she tell you what you should or shouldn’t like. Smile and nod. Give their impressions some consideration, then make up your own damn mind.

4) Visit a wine region

This can be a tall order for a lot of us, but it really is life-changing. There are interesting wine regions almost everywhere. Some might be a drive, some a plane ride. Save your pennies, set a goal, and make it happen! Want to know a few places in the US that make wine that you might not have known make wine? New Mexico. New York. Michigan. Virginia. Georgia. North Carolina. Idaho. Missouri (actually, the first recognized wine region in the US is in Missouri!). Do some digging and plan an adventure!

5) Play around in the kitchen

Do you like to eat? We thought so. Wine and food go together like peas and carrots. A great food and wine pairing can really set off fireworks in your mouth. If you’re terrified of cooking- start small. Buy one of those pre-made pizza crusts, and have at it. Taste a couple of different wines alongside, and see which one really makes the flavors “pop.” It’ll be fun! As you gain confidence behind the stove, a literal world of pairing possibilities will open up. Your brain might explode, but it’ll be a good way to go.

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