7 Life Hacks For Empty Wine Glasses

Got a new set? Turn those old glasses into something cool.


wine glass dip bowl

1. Use that empty red wine glass to elevate your chip & dip game.


wine glass cookie cutter

2. Cut out biscuits or cookies without a cookie cutter.

wine glass candle

3. Use shrubbery around the house, a few cranberries, and a tea candle to make a quick centerpiece.


wine glass terrarium

4. Turn that empty glass into a terrarium.


wine glass bird feeder

5. Class up your backyard with a few empty wine glasses and let your neighborhood birds feed in style.


wine glass motor

6. Build a working motor, seriously. Click here to see how.


wine glass chandelier

7. Make a beautiful chandelier. It’s easier than you think. Click here to see how.


But if you want to know what the absolute best use of an empty wine glass is? Click here to see the ultra secret, mind-warpingly amazing wine glass filler.

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