What Happens When You Combine Alcohol and Ice Cream?

What happens when you combine alcohol and ice cream? MAGIC. Buzzed Bull Creamery in Over-the-Rhine, Ohio, will be serving up alcoholic ice cream, expertly pairing booze with homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Boozy mix-ups include the Redleg, made with strawberries, graham crackers, Red Bull, and vodka, or the Bonfire, a combo of marshmallow, Fireball whiskey, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. Customers can also create their own unique flavor, handcrafted “from the cow up.” You can move down the counter and add up to 20 mix-ins (like fruit, nuts and candy) to your chosen base flavor, which is then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen.

And who are the masterminds behind this brilliant operation? It’s a family affair: Shane Mounce, his wife, Katherine, his brother and sister-in-law, his mother, and two family friends.

“It’s been a three-year odyssey to get to this point. Our Sundays have been spent experimenting in someone’s kitchen,” Mounce told WCPO. From their experimentations, the owners plan to have about 30 pre-designed offerings on the menu, though it’s “solely a suggestion,” according to Mounce’s sister-in-law. “You can select different levels of alcohol, from top-shelf liquors…or remove alcohol from any menu item as well.”

The team quickly realized that liquid nitrogen yielded the best results, since it’s odorless and colorless and allows for quick customization. They’ve also said that the liquid nitrogen gives the finished product a smoother, creamier texture than other ice cream. The whole process will take less than three minutes, so you’ll be on your way to a full belly and a happy buzz in no time at all.

You’re probably wondering how alcohol gets worked into the mix. The size of your scoop determines how boozy the final product will be – a small ice cream comes with one shot, a medium with a shot and a half, and a large with two shots. This gives your custom-made ice cream around 5% ABV, similar to the alcohol content of a beer.

The idea to combine booze and alcohol isn’t a new one; Tipsy Scoop sells liquor-infused ice cream pints in flavors like Chocolate Stout and Mango Margarita Sorbet, and Mercer’s Dairy released a line of wine-infused ice creams, like Cherry Merlot and Peach White Zinfandel. But the idea to devote a brick-and-mortar store to the pursuit of delicious drunkenness is a brand new idea, and we’re loving it. According to their website, “Buzzed Bull Creamery believes that life’s best moments are shared around dining and drinks. We have incorporated a fun and unique experience outside of the normal bars and restaurants to bring the whole family together.”

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  • Alex Ferrar says:

    Great article! Sobremesa in Antigua, Guatemala has a bunch of alcoholic ice creams, too. Tequila, caramelized white chocolate and macadamia; Tobacco Zacapa fig; Dark beer espresso brownie…The food revolution is in full swing.

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