No Booze, No Problem with Curious Elixirs

It’s a hard situation to be in. Your pals are still riding the boozy wave but you’ve decided it’s time to take a break. You’ve maxed out your bank account, your liver and a sleep debt that keeps growing. Although this isn’t the only scenario that causes many to steer clear of the bar, it is not an uncommon one, and it’s handy to have a backup ready when a social scene strikes and you’re seeking something sans booze, but aren’t exactly feeling a plain old club soda either.

Curious Elixirs is the answer to this problem. Invented by John Wiseman, the drink is a nonalcoholic, handcrafted alternative that contains juices, herbs, roots and barks, and is calling your hand to cup its vintage-looking brown bottle. In total, there are three blends, each named No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, relaying the secrecy of its components and flavor profiles. The recipes, developed by the Curious Elixirs team, are designed to make the social aspects of drinking more inclusive for nondrinkers.

Each bottle is designed to have a subtle effect on the body from certain ingredients. No. 1 is named “lifts you up” and science proves that one of the ingredients in the recipe increases the precursors to serotonin and dopamine. The other two have different sensational properties from their formula and each is appropriately named; No. 2 is titled “relaxes you” and No. 3 called “cool you off.” However, when we asked Wiseman if the effects on the body increase after a few bottles, he says no, and No. 1 is known to just relax if you’ve had too much.

The idea arose from a personal problem Wiseman had four years ago. He wanted to push the limits to see how much he could drink in one night. After having more drinks then he thought was reasonable and waking up the next morning with no hangover he decided that a change needed to ensue. To bring his tolerance down and reset his body after a week of drinking at his bar The Whiskey Brooklyn, he decided to stay away from alcohol the first few days of the week. Curious Elixirs was born as an alternative for him to sip on during these days. He also gave attention to a few of his sober friends, wanting to create a product that would provide for them as well.

Curious Elixirs launched yesterday via Kickstarter and you can find the link here. Their goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days, then elixir No. 1 will be put into production. If $60,000 is raised then No. 2 will be produced and if $90,000 is raised then No. 3 will follow.

So the next time you’re wondering how to avoid social anxiety at a function, think of Curious Elixirs. And speaking of curiosity, yours might be piqued when you realize that each bottle of Curious Elixirs tastes strikingly similar to a cocktail you might know well.

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