The Olympics of Drinking Games

THE 2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS ARE UPON US! Meaning it’s time to start planning your biennial opening ceremony party. We know you’re going to need some games of your own to entertain your guests during commercial breaks (and when gymnasts aren’t on-screen, since by now we all know that gymnastics is the best Olympic sport). Raise the stakes with some medals for the winners and by the end of the night you may feel as though you’re in Rio too!

Start by dividing your partiers into teams. You can either divide into two competing teams and play each game one at a time, or (if you have enough people) divide into multiple teams and simultaneously play each of the following – but please, please drink responsibly:


Drunk Jenga

Jenga is a classic, simple and entertaining. But we decided to elevate it a bit. Introducing: Drunk Jenga. Played like the original but with added cues written on each tile to keep the game exciting.

USE a Sharpie to write down one rule on each Jenga tile. These rules can be drinking related (highly encouraged) or just simply entertaining.

STACK the Jenga tiles into their standard tower.

TAKE turns with your teammates, alternating who must complete the task written on each tile.

FOLLOW the rule written on whichever tile you pull out, be it to finish your drink, recite every race Michael Phelps won gold in at the last games or to hold your glass in your opposite hand for the remainder of the round.

CAUSING the tower to fall means that you and your team lose! Congratulate the winners and move on to your next game!


Wine Bottle Ring Toss

Reminiscent of our favorite carnival game, this wine bottle ring toss will be an automatic crowd pleaser. All you need is a wine bottle and a set of rings (got any mason jar bands lying around?).

MARK a spot on the ground a few paces away from your wine bottle for each player to stand behind as they toss their rings.

THROW the rings one at a time with the goal being to get the ring around the neck of the wine bottle. Every time a ring misses the bottle’s neck, the ring-tosser must take a drink.

TAKE turns with the opposing teams. The first team to get five rings around the bottle wins!


Wine Pong

An old-school favorite with a Wine Awesomeness twist. The classic drinking game of beer pong just got a little more difficult (and interesting) by switching out red Solo cups and beer for stemless (and preferably plastic) wine glasses and wine, (or WA branded, clear Solo cups if you have them).

SET ten glasses in a pyramid shape on each side of a table. Fill each glass with a short pour of your favorite wine (remember, wine has a much higher alcohol content than beer).

TAKE turns tossing ping pong balls across the table into the opposing team’s glasses.

DRINK the wine from each glass as the opposing team manages to land the ping pong balls into them, and set them aside. The first team to land their ping pong balls into all of the opposing team’s glasses wins!

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