Does Wine Really Make you Sleepy?

We over here at WA truly do live and die by our mantra of “Wine all the time.” Be it pre-game, post-game, for breakfast in bed or a 3:00 pick-me-up. But, there are those who still reserve wine as a substitute for sleepytime tea.

These are the people who will decline your offer of a salacious and lip-smackingly good bordeaux with a whine of their own: “Ugh, red wine makes me sleepy,” and then continue sipping on a vodka cranberry.

But is there really any truth behind this? Does wine, drink of the gods, make one sleepy? And what about this whole red versus white thing? What’s that about?

So many questions, so much wine.

Here’s the deal. As far as scientists and nutritionists can tell, wine should not make you any sleepier than any other alcohol. HOWEVER, the skin of red grapes does contain melatonin, the hormone that helps us wind down once the sun sets. Since red wine is made with grapes with the skin on, it seems plausible that melatonin could then be in our wine, right?

Sort of. The amount of melatonin actually found in finished wine is so teeny tiny that it really can’t have any effect.

Chances are, then, if you’re feeling sleepy after a glass of wine it’s probably because you’re drinking it after a long, hard day at work. Which is still a great time to be knocking back a glass since, you know, wine all the time.


  • okay.. well I drink hard liquor and/or beer after lets say a 6 hour shift 3-9 and i’m not tired. it rly “wakes me up” and i play video game and watch movies. I get drunk faster tho and can get distracted easier. (now same scenario but with boxed wine)- this wine makes me sleepy lol i mean im definitly buzzed, prolly getting drunk but damn it def doesn’t “wake me up”…proven and/or theoretical explanations please.

    maybe cus i dont drink it often? eeehh doesnt rly make sense. like ppl saying they get drunker off vodka vs rum for example. dumb, its all about your body physique and alcohol content..

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