How to Pair Wine and Food Without Really Trying

We’re all about discovery here at Wine Awesomeness, but that isn’t limited just to wine. Discovering good juice that complements equally tasty food is one of our main thrills in life. That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Daily Harvest who produce healthy, balanced and convenient food to bring you delicious pairings like a cauliflower rice and pesto bowl with a crisp Sauvi B for everyone out there who just needs something simple at the end of the day.



Red Lentil + Kitchari with Chardonnay


Kitchari is an Indian dish made from lentils and this Harvest Bowl channels that flavor with aromatics like ginger, cilantro and garlic. Pair this bowl with a smooth Chard to help mellow out the warm Indian spices on your palate.

Butternut Squash + Chimichurri with Malbec


What grows together, goes together is a phrase chefs use that has real merit to it, so pair the chimichurri in this bowl with a wine from the same region. Hello, Malbec.

Quinoa + Chipotle with Dry Riesling


Riesling, particularly of the dry variety, is perfect for balancing out all kinds of spice, making it a worthy companion for this Quinoa Chipotle Harvest Bowl.

Cauliflower Rice + Kimchi with Lighter-Bodied Red


With its tang, salt and heat, we all know kimchi can be a little funky, but a lighter-bodied red is the perfect juice to keep those rebellious flavors in line.

Cauliflower Rice + Pesto with Sauvignon Blanc


The delicate and herbal notes of basil pesto used in this bowl need to be complemented by a high-acid wine like a Sauvignon Blanc.

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