Is it OK to Drink Wine Out of a Plastic Cup?

Does it really matter what type of drinking vessel we enjoy our wine from? We want our wine to keep its integrity, so we often choose to pour it into its proper stemware, but glass isn’t always in the cards. Many contributing factors, such as not enough stemware, breakage and not wanting a sink full of dishes have us resorting to a plastic cup without thinking twice about the effects on our wine.



If you’re serious about your wine drinking you may have done some research on the pros and cons of drinking out of plastic. One critic who tested wine from a plastic cup versus its varietal specific glass had rather harsh reviews saying that a Syrah out of a plastic cup “tasted like Welch’s grape juice” instead of having notes of red and black fruits, chocolate and a silky mouthfeel.

But of course, drinking wine out of a Solo Cup is going to be a different experience than a wine glass. But what if it’s a plastic wine glass? Plastic glasses don’t have to be completely horrible given a couple parameters when choosing a cup.

Consider the shape. Choose a plastic cup that doesn’t have a wide top and narrow base. A cup with a cone shape causes more air to hit the wine, causing it to oxidize quicker, thus losing flavor; small cups with small pours works best. Also, choose a plastic cup that doesn’t have an odor of strong plastic. Understandably, we can see how it would overpower a delicate, light wine.

And, if you’re serious about keeping your wine glasses safe from breaking, consider investing in plastic wine glasses, instead of just plastic cups. Our Swag Shop carries Wine Enthusiast’s line of indoor/outdoor red and white glasses. They look exactly like varietal specific ones but are made from a plastic material called copolyester, so they’re completely unbreakable. The shape is essential for aerating certain wines for optimum drinking, so it doesn’t jeopardize the complex flavor profile.

Keeping a few thoughtful details in mind, it’s completely ok to sip wine from plastic, especially if you’re a bargain drinker. So don’t stress about your cup, just as long as you have some wine poured in it.

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