Juice Jams of the Week: 11.29.14

Another weekend, another playlist to accompany your adventures, which (if you’re on the right track) should involve plenty of wine.

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I Know Leopard- Perfect Picture I Know Leopard is a band out of Sydney, Australia with a penchant for crafting catchy and spaced out tunes like this one. It’s called “dream pop” for a reason, folks.


King Tuff- Bad Thing

This is just rock n’ roll… let’s not overthink it.


Bright Moments- Travelers

Some of the guys in Bright Moments also play in the band Beirut, which is why there are so many damn horns in this song. As it turns out, that’s a very good thing.


Charles Bradley- The World is Going up in Flames
Charles Bradley lived the bulk of his life in obscurity and poverty as a cook and James Brown impersonator. Now, he’s giving James Brown a run for his money with his “is that really contemporary??” soul and R&B burners.


Cheers Elephant- Leaves
If you like harmonies floating lightly over a churning drum beat that’ll make you bounce, you’ll probably like this.


Labi Siffre- I Got The…

This is a slow burning, multi-sectional disco, soul, and R&B track with a funky backbone. Plus, you’ll definitely recognize one of the funky breakdowns as the music that Eminem sampled for “The Real Slim Shady.” It was great when Shady sampled it, and it was great when Labi laid it down, too.


Pete Wingfield- Eighteen with A Bullet

What’s that you say? You need more doo-wop in your life? Well, obviously. Here’s a good place to start.



Three Blind Wolves- Echo on the Night Train

These Glaswegian indie rockers are sure to get your toes tapping with this guitar-centric jam. Careful, it’s catchier than you think.


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