Kale Vodka is Here to Make You Feel Healthy AF

Calling anyone who religiously follows Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP or only eats non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, no-sugar-added food: superfood inspired vodka has arrived.

VING Vodka meets all of those criteria, in addition to being additive and sugar-free. It’s infused with kale, cucumber and lemon peel, and is described by the creator, Flo Vinger, as “the cleanest, highest-quality sipping vodka on the market.”

Vinger lives in Los Angeles (if you couldn’t tell), and shifted gears from performing as an actor and dancer to learning about spirits and cocktails. According to Time Out, she started researching the health benefits of kale after several family members were diagnosed with cancer. After discovering that liquor infused with kale had never been done commercially (I wonder why?), she spent four years experimenting until she created the perfect recipe.

Now, Vinger is releasing VING into the marketplace with help from a Ventura, CA distillery, which provides her with a non-GMO based spirit. She then adds local, organic produce to create a vodka that might just trick you into thinking you’re drinking something healthy.

The vodka is marketed as “the only farm fresh ultra premium vodka,” so they’re hitting both the agro-conscious and luxury-seeking corners of the market. Well done. According to the brand’s website, the vodka is “the smoothest and cleanest sipping vodka because all the produce is fresh, hand inspected, and made without the use of any additives. VING’s unique and exceptional flavor is perfected in small batches.” And maybe best of all, there’s only 97 calories per serving – since it’s sold as a “sipping” vodka, there’s really no need to shake it with a sugary mixer, just a splash of water.

Vinger has ambitious plans to launch seasonal, limited-run infusions, but in the meantime, you can find her vodka in restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as online. A corn variety, that reportedly has a lightly sweet finish, is also available.


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