Oenophobia – What’s that?

We can’t even right now. We can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to have oenophobia. Oenophobia is, by all accounts, the worst phobia that has befallen humans – the fear of WINE.

We know you’re thinking this can’t be true, and we really wish it was a bad dream we’d wake up from any second. Truth is, oenophobia is legit.

Oenophobia is considered a “specific phobia,” meaning something specific (wine) triggers excessive and irrational fear or hatred, likely in the form of panic or anxiety.

Phobias are usually brought on by a mix of genetic and environmental factors, like a traumatic incident in their childhood. It may be difficult to envision a child having a traumatic experience with wine – we aren’t doubting that it’s possible – but it’s a little easier to understand anxiety that stems from the seemingly closed, scary culture surrounding wine.

For some people, their anxiety only heightens when they encounter the complexity of choosing and finding an enjoyable (and not so expensive) wine – especially if they’re aiming to please others. This may leave them to avoid any social situations that involve wine! NOOOOO!

But don’t fear! We are always here to help you through even the most stressful wine selecting experiences. To those symptoms ranging from mild oenophobia to a truly horrible wine experience, let us reintroduce you. Wines are friends, not foes!

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