The Ten Best Flasks to Hide Your Booze

Summertime and trips to the beach pretty much go hand in hand. As does summer and music festivals, outdoor events, BBQs, day parties and pretty much any event that you will find yourself wanting to drink for.

But nothing kills your buzz and stops you from enjoying summer quite like waiting in hour long lines to purchase over-priced drinks. We know how important it is to make the most of all of these boozy opportunities so we have put together a list of all of our favorite products specifically designed to save you money and time while ensuring you are fulfilling your every drinking-related need. Oh and please please please, drink responsibly (which includes no law breaking).


Camera Flask

Fake a shameless selfie, take a sip. Repeat. Repeat again. Repeat multiple times. Have actual shameless selfie photoshoot.


Ice Pack Flask

With the ability to hold an impressive 14 ounces, fill this up with your drink of choice and throw it in the cooler next to those juice boxes. You can easily toss in multiple for your friends (or yourself).


Sunscreen Bottle Flask

For when you are forced to go on a family vacation to the beach. That annual trip no longer has to be painstakingly miserable. This is identical to a regular sunscreen bottle with the only difference being that this bottle will contain 8 ounces of liquor rather than sunscreen. Protecting yourself from painfully sober family conversations is sometimes more important than protecting against UV rays.


Lipstick Flask

This little lipstick flasks holds a surprising amount of liquor (four shots to be exact). Whether you use it for a night out or as a gag gift for your friends, you’ll be glad you have this in your makeup bag.


Tie Flask

“Dress up to get messed up” is a thing, right? Show everyone you mean business (yup) while ensuring you have a great time. Bonus: it comes in 25 different colors so finding a tie to match your suit will be a breeze.


Umbrella Flask

Sky-high alcohol prices and unbearably long lines won’t rain on your parade with this umbrella flask. Great for outdoor concerts and sports games, you’ll be able to avoid those nasty sober storms.


Booze Belly

This is a less obvious version of a full on beer belly fanny pack. This pack will hold a fifth of alcohol and only give you a slight tummy… we think it’s worth the extra pounds.


iPhone Flask

Our technology driven society now has an even better reason to never want to be without their iPhone. Fake a call and take a swig, easy as that.


Travel Wine Flask

It holds an ENTIRE wine bottle. It won’t leak, and you can roll it up and bring it with you wherever you go. Definitely a purchase you won’t wine about.


Wine Rack

The comfort of a sports bra combined with an entire pouch to be used for carrying and consuming wine. It’s like the wine gods and bra gods have finally joined teams and answered our prayers.


Illustration by Chawaporn Kitimahasak

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