From The Thunderdome

This time last year, Wine Awesomeness launched our curated monthly membership.  We’ve busted our butts to bring you top notch juice from regions in all corners of the Earth.  Our mission is simple: make wine sexy, fun and bring down the pretentiousness associated with fermented grape juice.  To do that, we’ve hosted a house party at SXSW,  poured vino with Warby Parker, turned a dive a bar into a wine bar, plus much more.  Throughout our journey, we’ve encouraged learning about regions, varietals, and vintages along the way.  This mission isn’t changing…

To everyone who has stuck it out with us this last year…. we are unbelievably grateful.  We have some of the best jobs on the planet, and that is because of you.  It has been a journey that we will never forget, but it is only the beginning.  Today marks the next chapter in the WA endeavor.

We are über pumped to let you guys know that WA is getting a whole helluva-lot easier to use.  Start by browsing this month’s curated wines at and get ready to hear from our team to help set up your new customer portal.  The new portal will allow you to manage your account, track your orders, skip a month, and order even more wine.  Just a few simple clicks and it’s game on.

Next, we’re amping up our content.  We travel the US and the world looking for amazing vino.  Along the journey we have found some of the most interesting discotheques, watering holes, hotels, restaurants and random hot spots.  Now we’re going to tell you about them on the newly formated WA editorial, Badassery.  Stay in the look everyday for the awesomeness.

You Rock!

The WA Team


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