Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

You know how people say not to cry over spilled milk? We know it’s more of a sentiment than a literal recommendation, but it simply does not apply to wine. There are many reasons to cry over spilled wine – think of all of the hard work that went into producing that juice (from growing and harvesting the grapes to bottling and fermenting) which you just carelessly threw to the floor!

Another major reason, though, is the horrible, near-impossible stains red wine will leave on virtually any surface it touches. Spilling red wine on the carpet is basically the equivalent of just setting it on fire. But fear not! For we at thebacklabel have what you need to save yourself from un-ending red wine stain misery.



Château Spill is one of those things that you always pick up and think to yourself, I wonder if this thing actually works? We are here to tell you – as people who spill wine all the time – this stuff does the trick. It also, surprisingly enough, also works on other hard-to-clean stains like berries and make up.

Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that it looks adorably like a little tiny wine bottle so you can keep it in your wine cabinet/shelf/drawer/bunker and it will fit right in.


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