Top 3 Best Wine Bars in Dallas

Dallas is hot and humungous and surprisingly diverse; however, it is also undeniably a beer town. So if you’re looking to score a quality glass of juice, it can kinda be like looking for a hog in a hen house. No worries, though. Drop by any one of the fine establishments below and you’ll pickled pink you did.

1. Veritas Wine Room

This super chill spot has some of the most knowledgeable and friendly staff around. If you’re there with a group, order The Brooks off the superb charcuterie menu and ask the server to recommend a bottle, as the selection rotates.  

2. Times Ten Cellar

Times Ten isn’t just a wine bar, they also have a spot of land in Alpine, Texas, where they grow and bottle some pretty quality wine. Their two tasting rooms (one in Dallas and the other in Fort Worth) serve their own juice plus wine they source from around the world. Take a date, grab a spot on one of the sofas, and let the magic begin.

3. Cork

When we walk into a wine bar and see some new fangled gadgets at play, it’s usually to distract patrons from a mediocre wine list; however, this is not the case at Cork. They feature a rotating selection of 48 wines on a pour-it-yourself tap. We’ve seen these systems used almost as an afterthought or gimmick at certain biergartens, but none have executed this new technology as well as Cork.

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  • Robert says:

    We love Times Ten Cellars! Been going there for years. Great wines, great service in a great neighborhood.

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