Trucks that Bring the Booze to You

There’s something about getting food from a truck that’s equal parts nostalgic and endearing. Maybe it’s the memories of running out to the ice cream truck when you were a kid, or ordering Halal food from a street cart at one in the morning — regardless, it’s a novelty that I regularly seek out.

So when I read about the Bubble Bros prosecco van, I was “shook.” The Bubble Bros converted a Piaggio Ape and a miniature truck into a totally chic, vintage-inspired bubbly bar. Yep — they serve glasses of Prosecco poured from a tap. This United Kingdom-based enterprise is popular at weddings and events all around the UK, and the Bros also have a Bubble Bike (same idea, but a vintage motorcycle).

And it turns out that the bubbly brothers aren’t the only ones who were inspired to make booze more mobile. Cabinet maker John Walsh created the Shebeen, a traditional Irish pub on wheels. Though it debuted in Galway, the Shebeen has made its way to the United States. Inside, there’s enough seating for about a dozen people, but the windows and doors can be opened up to accommodate larger gatherings. The Shebeen boasts a full bar and can connect kegs of your favorite beer on site.

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Are you more beer-minded? The Tapped Beer Truck will bring the tap to you. This Boston-based enterprise features a rotating tap selection, poured from a vintage 1966 Chevy van. It can serve six kegs at a time and has a built-in bar on the outside. The bright blue truck is also a perfect backdrop for any kind of celebration.

Thirsty for a full-service bar? Look no further than the Pour Horse Mobile Bar Co. This Texas-based company uses fresh ingredients and can whip up custom cocktails for your event. Built in 1938, it was renovated to feature bohemian elements, a custom canvas top and bars on all three sides. Their bar is appropriately named Whinny, a former one-horse trailer.

For wine lovers, the Vino Mobile Bar (nicknamed “Vinny”) is a must-have. It’s the first independent wine truck in Indiana, and founder Jenn Kampmeier promises to bring the libations to your celebrations. The truck itself looks like a miniature school bus, painted white so it will match your occasion.

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The Swig Rig is an Oregon-based company that will pour any type of alcohol your heart desires. Their original vehicle, Swiggy, is a 1966 White Motor Company refrigerated truck with five taps, and is painted a vibrant green color. The other member of their fleet, Ritzy, is a little more glamorous. It’s a 1962 restored “canned ham” trailer painted white. Regardless of which vehicle you pick, The Swig Rig is Instagram material for sure.

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