3 Halloween Hangover Prevention Tips

Halloween is a night of debauchery, boozing, polyester and questionable choices. One thing is certain however: that Halloween hangover.

Any big night has the potential to lay you low, but there are a few things about Halloween that make all you gals n’ ghouls even more hangover prone. Here are 3 tips to keeping your head healthy after an active All Hallow’s eve:


1) Don’t eat all that candy. For real.

Have you ever eaten way too much sugar, crashed hard, suffered a terrible headache and felt like shit for the rest of the day? Yeah, we have too. Ever added booze to the equation?

We know Halloween is pretty much the only day you can take out a salad bowl worth of M&M’s in public without being judged, but try and resist. More often than not it’s all the sugar in our drinks that makes hangovers that much more brutal… don’t pile on the misery, put down the 2 lb. bag of Swedish Fish.


2) Unmask yourself!

First of all, if you’re wearing a mask you’re probably taking the costumery a little too seriously. The scream mask with the blood pump was the jams in middle school, but it loses its panache each and every year you’re no longer 12 years old.

Secondly, strapping a big piece of hot, cheap, toxic plastic to your head with a thin elastic band that’s always too small is not a good recipe for a head at ease. Whether or not you’re sober enough to realize it, the person in the mask is always a sweaty sweaty person. Perspiration means dehydration, tight elastic band around your forehead means headache. If you fall asleep dehydrated, with a headache and with three bottles of wine in the tank, odds are you’re gonna wake up feeling even worse.


3) reBloom, y’all.

Candy corn and bourbon shots be damned, reBloom may have gone and changed the hangover game. It’s an all-natural sleep drink that will have you slumbering gloriously and peacefully- and we’re pretty excited about it.

At the end of the day, sleep is the only way to truly escape a hangover. Better, longer sleep means less time spent eating grease and bread and praying for a quick death. While many sleep aids rely on chemicals that may make your headache worse, reBloom only uses natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender, valerian, melatonin and magnesium. If you did 8 shots of tequila and stayed up all night with a zebra, Walt from Breaking Bad and one of the Blues Brothers- you’ll want to try this out.



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