Anti-Hangover Beer is Here

When it comes to good beer, it’s safe to say the Dutch know what they’re doing. But some master brewers in Amsterdam have created a potentially life changing brew – it promises you will wake up the next day hangover-free.

Reportedly, a TV program asked the De Prael Brewery to create a hangover-free beer. There is no scientific research backing Pepjin Calis and the team’s latest creation, but they consulted a pharmacist-turned-brewer to get some insight on what they could add to the beer to combat the side effects of a hangover.

The came up with ginger, to combat nausea; salt, to retain water and prevent a dehydration headache; vitamin B12 “because it’s often given to alcoholics;” and willow bark, which is an anti-inflammatory – it has the same effect as aspirin. One lucky taster described the flavor as having a salty aftertaste and slightly medicinal smell. Another drank eight bottles, and woke up the next day clear-headed. He describes the beer as a pilsner-style lager, with “a gentle hum from the ginger.” He also didn’t notice any change in flavor from the salt.

This isn’t the first time a beer claiming to prevent hangovers entered the market. In 2013, an Australian brewery added electrolytes to one of their brews, though it was intended more for hydration after working out – one reviewer even compared it to gatorade. Granted, they worked some scientific research into their brewing method, but we’re still a bit more excited about Dutch beer.

De Prael originally planned to name the beer Amsterdam Helder (“Amsterdam Bright/Clear”), but you’ll find it on the menu as “Anti-Hangover Beer.” Amsterdam Helder has 4.5% alcohol, pretty close to the ABV of Holland’s most iconic brew, Heineken (5%). Some people are wary that the hangover-proof quality of the beer is really just a placebo effect. But even if that is the case, we’re not complaining about getting an extra serving of vitamins AND a frosty beer in the same glass.

The only thing cooler about De Prael than their newest beer is the brewery’s history. It was founded 13 years ago by two mental health nurses, and most of the staff are volunteers with special needs who have had trouble securing jobs. In addition to the brewery, there’s a shop and a brewpub – employees are invited to learn a new trade and undertake an apprenticeship. They’re able to gain work experience and land more permanent jobs thanks to De Prael. That’s something we can toast to – anti-hangover beer or otherwise.

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