3 Reasons Wine Ice Cubes Win Summer

Pour wine into an ice cube tray, let freeze, and you’ve got wine ice cubes. You’ve also got the key to an awesome summer. Why? Here are three great reasons.


1) Wine on the rocks, anyone?

You don’t have to own horses and a yacht to know that there is no greater faux pas than tossing ice cubes into a glass of wine.

Why? Because you’d hate to trifle with watery wine even more than you’d hate to sip on a warm glass of white at the beach. But… what if your ice cubes were made of wine?

Sip that, universe.

Keeping your wine icy cool and enjoying the great outdoors don’t go together particularly well during the summer months. Until now.

Freeze up a few trays of your wine of choice, and you can sip your rosé with rosé ice cubes. This will do two things: keep your vino icy cold and fill your glass with more vino all at once. A never-ending glass of icy cold white or rosé? BOOM!

2) Wine cocktails on wine cocktails

We’ve already dished out a recipe for an insanely tasty frozen wine margarita… but the possibilities don’t end there.

Grind up those wine ice cubes for a red, white or rosé wine slushie.

Or, add wine ice cubes to some of your favorite cocktails and see what tickles your fancy. It’s cold, it’s wine and it’s here to play.

3) Waste no wine!

Finding a half empty bottle(s) of wine on the kitchen counter, patio, ceiling fan, ping pong table, pool float etc. can be tragic. But friends, that wine need not be wasted!

Instead, pour it out into your favorite shaped ice cube trays- it’ll keep that wine from degrading even further and allow it to be repurposed as a wine slushie, a tool for keeping fresher wine cool or even just a nice treat to suck on as you nurse your hangover.

Remember, there’s a special circle of hell reserved for those who waste wine.



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