5 Inane Candy Corn Facts You’ll Still Want to Know

Candy corn comes ’round once a year, when things get spooky. It’s a “love or hate” kind of confection, but it will never cease to be a conversation piece once the costumes are out and bowls of all sorts of orange forms of chemical-y sugars are placed near doorsteps around the USA.

Here are your 5 candy corn facts for fall, a great way to break the ice that is sure to attract to you a desirable mate:


1) About 25 million pounds of candy corn are sold each year.

In spite of the fact that most people seem to hate it, about 9,000 metric tons of candy corn are purchased annually. That’s like 2,080 adult male African Bush Elephants worth of candy corn.


2) Candy Corn used to be called “Chicken Feed.”

Around 1900 (before the Goelitz Confectionery Company presumably hired somebody to do their marketing) they called the stuff “chicken feed.” This was before they presumably hired another marketing person and renamed their company ‘the Jelly Belly Candy Company’ in 2001.


3) “Freedom Corn” is a thing too.

If you’re not a fan of the whole gourd colored thing- there are plenty of other options. Enterprising candy makers have come up with all sorts of color combinations to try and capitalize on holidays other than Halloween. The best has got to be “Freedom Corn,” which (you guessed it) comes in red, white and blue.


4) A piece of candy corn is about three times bigger than the size of a real corn kernel.

Corn kernel enthusiasts would already know this, but candy corn never really looked like corn corn anyhow. Still, it’s better than ‘chicken feed.’


5) Candy corn actually does contain corn, sort of.

If corn syrup (your arteries’ worst enemy) counts as corn, then these things are chock full of corn. Don’t let anybody tell you this stuff isn’t health food.



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