5 Rad Uses for Leftover Corks

Most people like corks, but most people also seem to throw them right in the trash.

Perhaps it’s because they’re too excited about the wine. Perhaps it’s because they don’t even think about it. Perhaps it’s because with the advent of technology our capacity to imagine and create has been diminished.

Either way, there are better things to do with all those corks. Check out a few ideas below:


cork planter

Flickr/Wicker Paradise


All you green-thumbed and red-toothed people out there, rejoice!

Cork is an environmentally friendly, breathable, and biodegradable substance. Slice your wine corks in half and layer the bottom of your flower pots with them before you add potting soil… those lil’ guys will help to oxygenate and moisturize your soil, which means healthier plants. (Just make sure whatever you’re growing is legal in your state.)


cork box

Flickr/Scott Akerman

Make a cigar/whatever you want box

Cork retains moisture, is light, durable, and makes a really cool box — all ideal qualities for keeping your cigars safe, moist, and sage. Cut the corks in half to form a level base, and build up on the sides using glue and screws. It might take a little time, but it’ll be well worth it. If you don’t smoke cigars, no fear. You can store all sorts of other illicit materials in there.



Sharp edges can hurt children, cats, and you when you’re drunk. Cut an appropriately sized wedge out of your wine corks and stick them onto sharp corners of tables, walls, knives, and that stainless steel meat slicer you keep in the nursery. Sheaths are so yesterday.


cork wreath


Decorating (every)things

Yeah… we’re about to go all Martha Stewart on you, but not in the insider trading kind of way. Got a sad bar, tabletop, or serving tray? Cut your corks in half and glue them to the surface for that classy wine-drenched look you’ve been craving.

Or, if you’re an advocate of table-free living… you can impale your corks on the end of colored (or not) paper clips and make all sorts of moldable cork statues… good for kids and adults alike. It’s sort of like the “Fusilli Jerry,” but with corks. Your friends will just absolutely love these things.


recycle cork

Recycle them!

Duh. There isn’t actually a global cork shortage, that was a nasty little rumor that caught on a while back. But, cork is a super environmentally friendly and sustainable material that should be respected and thrown back into the circle of life when possible.

Cork trees can only be harvested about every ten years, and they soak up tons of CO2, which is a good thing. Don’t just throw them in the trash, find the right receptacle, for wine’s sake!



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