Game of Thrones: The Drinking Game

The next installment of Game of Thrones is rapidly approaching, which can only mean one thing… binge-watching season is coming. While good snacks, trusted companions and a set of homemade Stark banners are indispensable… so is wine. After all, Game of Thrones is just a show about people drinking tons of wine with all sorts of deceit, battles and character development stuck in. Need proof?






There. Get out your casks and corkscrews and behold the easiest and most bestest Game of Thrones drinking game…


Game of Rhônes

(Click here for printable version of rules.)

1) Each viewer/player will choose a bottle of wine that tickles their fancy… be it Dornish, from the cellars at King’s Landing or a bottle of Cotes du Rhône from that spot down the block.

2) Each viewer/player shall fill their goblet, chalice, stein, vessel, mug, draught, tumbler, taster, glass, solo cup or cannikin with wine at the outset of each episode (preferably while singing along to the theme music). The more full and bejeweled your vessel, the better.

3) Each viewer/player must take a sip from their wine holder of choice whenever any and all of the following occur in the show:

– Any character drinks wine.
– Wine is mentioned
– A sexual act (be it by prostitute, brother or lover) is performed
– “The Gods” (the old and/or the new) are mentioned

4) Each viewer/player must top up their glass when any and all of the following occur in the show:

– A glass of wine is poured or refilled.
– A raven arrives.
– A character introduces him/herself.
-The main melody from the theme song repeats itself.

5) Any viewer/player who fails to drink or refill at the proper cues will receive one “infraction” for their forgetfulness and lack of respect to the crown.

6) The viewer/player who receives the most infractions by the end of an episode will serve as a steward for the duration of the next episode. The steward must:

-Sit on the floor for the duration of the next episode.
-Serve the other viewers with regards to refilling bowls of snacks, ordering pizzas, pressing the popcorn button on the microwave and gathering blankets if needed.
-If a drinking cue is missed while a steward is in the middle of serving his/her lords, no infraction can be lobbied upon said steward.

7) The player with the least amount of infractions by the end of the binge-watching shall sit upon the Iron Throne until unseated at the next battle/”GOT” binge.


Post your gametime photos and videos at #GAMEOFRHONES to show all the seven kingdoms your powers. Fare thee well, and always play responsibly… remember, all men must die.