5 Types of Booze that Settle your Stomach

Did you eat so much that one half of a drop of water might make your stomach explode all over your dining room and relatives and that fancy new wallpaper? Is some anonymous source of indigestion getting you down? Are you attempting to quell unrest in the once peaceful hamlet of Tummytown?

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all got our very own set of superstitions, suspicions and remedies when it comes to getting rid of stomach pains. Ours is drinking.

Most often, we think of the consumption of alcohol as the sort of activity that causes our stomachs to stress out. It is true that tying a few too many on can lead to “instability” in the gullet. However, there is a glorious gang of drinks that can lift us out of the mire of gastrointestinal woe.

This semi-obscure and underappreciated set of libations actually works wonders on a sore, unsteady or overloaded stomach. Tried and true! So the next time you think you’ll throw up if you shift in your seat, turn to the drinks below and find the salvation you seek:


1) Brandy

You don’t have to be a toothy, WWII-era British commandant to drink brandy. All you have to be is stuffed and looking for some respite. Brandy (fermented wine) is known as a “cordial” or after dinner drink for a reason. It’s as strong as whiskey, quite sweet (a good one will err on the drier side) and is known to aide in crucial processes like digestion which, you know, is pretty much the only thing that’ll save you if you feast like a beast. Drink it neat.


2) Pastis

Originally created as a milder alternative to Absinthe, Pastis (“pa-steece”) is one of France’s favorite apéritifs. Apéritifs are drinks designed to smooth out our stomachs and get our appetites all ready to go before a meal. Pastis is an anise liqueur that calls Marseille home, but soothes stomachs of all nationalities with its peppermint and licorice-like qualities. It’s meant to be mixed with water, so don’t drink it neat for god’s sake. If you take Rennie tablets for indigestion, try just drinking Pastis instead, it’s way more fun.


3) Fernet-Branca

Fernet is an amaro, an herbal liqueur known for its insane bitterness and sharp, semi-minty kick. It’s not for everyone, but when it comes to deflating bloated stomachs this once medicinal Italian concoction is truly a magician. You can drink it neat in a rocks glass, but if your indigestion needs a fast-acting foil, take a shot of it. You’ll be back at it in no time.


4) Ginger Beer

Ginger has been used to ease stomachs for centuries, and as flavors go, it’s super accessible. Technically you could just drink ginger ale, but c’mon, it’s better this way. If straight ginger beer isn’t for you, try out one of a million cocktails featuring ginger beer or ginger ale. Yes, whiskey gingers and dark ‘n stormies are medicine too.


5) Berlinerweisse with Raspberry Syrup

Typically, if you’re feeling uncomfortably full or a tad bit unsettled you’ll want to avoid beer at all costs. A tall glass of Berlinerweisse with fruit syrup, however, will pleasantly surprise you. As beers go, a Berlinerweisse (“Berliner’s white”) infused with syrup is about as traditional as it gets. Made with wheat instead of beefier grains like barley or rye, this tart, hazy and semi-sweet beer is often mixed with cherry or raspberry syrup. We understand why drinking a beer filled with syrup on a funky stomach sounds counterproductive, but seriously, it’s a lifesaver.




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