5 Ways to Reuse a Wine Bottle

You already know how you can reuse the corks from all that wine you’ve been drinking — but what about the bottles? Before you toss ‘em in the recycling, check out these 5 easy ways to give them new purpose once they’ve been emptied of all that delicious vino.

1. Dish Soap Dispenser

Yes, dish soap technically already comes in a plastic bottle, but wouldn’t it look so much nicer if it was in glass? This one is so easy there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give it a try.

2. Tiki Torch

These wine bottle torches are not only easy to make — they’re totally badass. Think about it, how cool would these look lining your patio? Plus, they’re easy to refill so you can use them over and over again. Talk about recycling.

3. Chandelier

This chandelier takes DIY to the next level. Plus, how awesome would this look in your wine cellar or dining room? Not to mention you get to show off how much wine you’ve been drinking lately.

4. Wind Chime

Picture it: You’re sitting outside on your patio/ porch/ fire escape drinking a refreshing beverage as your wind chimes clink gently in the breeze. Worth the effort? Absolutely.

5. Candle

Now you may be thinking there is already a candle on this list — but this one is different! While your wine bottle torches are looking awesome outside, these chic little guys will look even better on your bedside table. So the next time you’re thinking about dropping $20 on a fancy candle, try making one yourself instead. Bonus: You get to design your own fragrance.

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