5 Wine Gadgets For Your Inner Nerd

At Wine Awesomeness we’re more about helping people find the right wine than hawking James Bond-type gadgets, but we’re also a bunch of nerds. So we’ve decided to let that freak flag fly and highlight some of the coolest (and affordable) wine gadgets on the market right now. Eat your heart out, 007.

  1. The Jakob Wagner Menu Wine Thermometer. We’ve all been there: You planned the perfect dinner party, scored the perfectly paired white wine—and forgot to chill it! You shove it in the fridge, but how do you know when it’s at the right temp to compliment the food you slaved away on all day? Easy, you slap your super stylish Jakob Wagner Thermometer on it and relax.

  1. Combination Bottle Lock. 99% of roommates suck. They bogart the remote, never clean the bathtub, and help themselves to that killer bottle you’ve been holding on to. Keep what’s yours with this ingenious combination bottle lock, which also works great on leftovers. (Actually, it does not work on leftovers…unless you shove that moo shu pork into a wine bottle! Genius!)

  1. Vinturi Wine Aerator. Wine needs air like a beer needs carbonation. So stop shortchanging your juice and air that junk out with the Vinturi aerator. This science tube uses math to make your vino better, just don’t ask us how it works.

  1. Vasa-Vino Decanter. You know what looks sexier than wine in a bottle? Wine out of a bottle. Use this dradle-shaped decanter to add a little class to your pad and get the most out of your juice. Double score!

  1. Chateau Laguiole Olive Wood Corkscrew. Tired of ridiculous overly complicated wine tools? The kind that come with a manual and require a PhD to operate? Then pick up one of these handmade French corkscrews and spend more time drinking than prying!

So there are a few gift ideas for the wine geek in your life, but you know what’s better than all of these? A membership to Wine Awesomeness of course! Because what’s the use of wine gadgets without some killer wine to use them on?

Stay awesome,

The WA Crew

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