The 20 Best of Etsy: Art Edition, Part 1

Compiling a list of the best artists on Etsy is ridiculously difficult. There’s more talent on that one site than there is in every one of James Franco’s beautiful, beautiful hairs…well, maybe not that much talent, but there’s a lot. So feast your eyes on some of the coolest art available, and do your part to support the international artist community by picking up a piece. We all know it’s time for that Target Eiffel Tower print hanging over your bed to go. It’s gots to go!



Erin Tyner: Words cannot describe how cool Erin Tyner’s art is, so we’re not going to try.


Jesús Perea: Trying do decide which one of Jesús Perea’s prints to buy is like trying to decide which Wine Awesomeness wine to drink first—you just want them all!



 badasery-wineawesomeness-etsy-leigh viner-web

Leigh Viner: Ladies, get ready to melt, because Leigh Viner’s fashion illustrations are too hot to be only $28!




Sally Harless: Imagine having Wes Anderson’s brain on your wall. Looks good, doesn’t it?


Samantha French: is a NY-based artist who has a thing for water, and after almost drowning in her underwater oil paintings, we have a thing for her.


Isabella DiSclafaniIsabella’s tiny busts are perfectly simple, and at $20–$35, the list of reasons not to buy one is even smaller than the sculptures.


Tom Haney: Although Tom Haney’s interactive sculpture is not cheap, it is absurdly fantastic.


Joanna Moroszka: looks exactly like the person you imagine who would make tiny felt animal sculptures, and that’s only part of the reason we love her amazingly adorable art.


Aron Ahistrom: These dioramas/nightlights may not help you sleep better at night, but they may just be the best $100 you’ve ever spent.




Treasure Fey: If Ralph Steadman and Tim Hussey had a lovechild it would be Los Angeles-based artist Treasure Fey, only not as good looking.

Wait! That’s not 20. Keep your eye out for part 2 coming later this week. In the meantime, visit and start adding to your wine collection for 50% off and free shipping.

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