5 Dating Tips from the WA Team

Love is in the air…or is that just smog? Either way Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and since that’s the one day Hallmark says we should be romantic, we decided to share a little wisdom from The Thunderdome. Did you ask for dating advice? Nope. But by the looks of your Facebook page, you could use it.

  1. You are not as interesting as you think. Everyone loves talking about themselves, but no one but your mom cares. So instead of going into vivid detail about that one time you found a nickel, ask your date a question. Let them talk about their life, and then maybe they’ll do the same. But if they do, remember to keep the stories short. Being mysterious and interesting is better than being forthright and boring.
  2. Go with your gut. There’s a reason we have instincts. After we crawled out of the primordial ooze, they alerted us of danger when we were hunting and gathering, they helped us make fast decisions when we needed it the most, and now they let us know when the person sitting across the table is a douche bag. So trust that little voice in your head, ‘cause nobody knows you better than you.
  3. Suspend snap judgments. This tip may sound contradictory to the one above, but you’re wrong. Instincts will alert you if there’s something off, but your snap judgments will disqualify a potential partner because their forehead is two millimeters too big, or because they work as a middle school janitor. So you write them off without even attempting to get know them. You remember Good Will Hunting, right? Don’t let your hang-ups prevent you from seeing the true beauty in someone, ’cause maybe your unibrow isn’t as sexy as you think.
  4. Ask Tough Questions. Instead of talking about what Jennifer Lawrence was wearing on TMZ, ask your date what they think happens when they die, or what motivates them to get up in the morning. Granted, this is usually not first-date material, but it is what you really want to know, isn’t it? It should be. Because let’s face it: you’re not getting any younger, so why waste five perfectly good dates on someone before you find out they believe we’re all just hanging around waiting on the mother ship?
  5. Have Fun! This seems like a no-brainer, but often you see people out on a date and they look like they’re interviewing for a spot on the space station. Their hands are in their laps and their face is so tight you’d think they were in a commercial for Poo-Pourri. We’ll let you in on a little tip: it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks of you! And if you’re not having fun and being yourself, how can you expect someone else to do the same?

We hope these little insights help the next time you’re on a date, but remember: we’re just a bunch of single guys and girls who work too much, so what do we know.

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