Chocolate Hard Cider is the Ultimate Campfire Treat

You might think hard cider is a perfect fall drink, but Gumption Cider has rolled out a limited run release dubbed “Choco Lottie,” a hard apple cider with notes of chocolate and caramel.

The self-proclaimed “Circus of Ciders,” Gumption offers several varieties of hard cider, including the Cinnaster Clown, a spicy, cinnamon-infused concoction, and the Citrus Freak, which will debut in July, is flavored with grapefruit and cascade hops. We’re still most excited about their most recent release, which is reportedly heavy on chocolaty goodness.

Standard hard cider is delicious – it’s perfect if you want something sweet to sip on without having to order a cocktail, and I have a feeling that the Choco Lottie will pair perfectly with a melty s’more. And at 6.9% ABV, this is one self-respecting cider.

Gumption is a brand within the Vermont Cider Company, which launched craft cider 25 years ago. Of this bold new venture (or, “innovation incubator”), Bridget Blacklock, Marketing Director, says that they’re “creating the circus of ciders and pushing cider boundaries through wild concoctions and bold, unexpected flavors. The liquid will change every 3-4 months, because no one wants to see the same show again and again.” So, you only have a few months to get your hands on a 6-pack of this chocolaty cider! Bonus tip: Choco Lottie will be available in 5.2 gallon kegs, so the campfire will be extra lit this summer.

Vermont Cider Co. also produces Woodchuck Hard Cider, which allegedly started the American Cider Revolution (don’t recall learning about that one in History class); Magner’s Irish cider, which uses 17 (!) different types of apples; and Wyder’s Hard Cider, also made in Vermont, and available in fruity flavors like Prickly Pineapple and Reposado Pear. You can rest assured this is one cider maker who knows what they’re doing.

Another one of their brands, Woodchuck, actually released a chocolate hard cider in 2014, timed to release just for Valentine’s Day. This cider was aged with crushed cocoa nibs to bring notes of artisan chocolate throughout the nose and taste, and this cider also had notes of caramel. Cider maker John Matson said that “the infusion of the beans brought out those strong natural chocolate notes, without the sweetness found in a chocolate bar. The balance of the apple…creates a truly distinctive tasting experience.”

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