7 DIY BBQ Grill Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into A Summer Playground

1. For a lot of us, space is an issue, so make one of these mini charcoal grills and turn that tiny balcony into a griller’s paradise. 


Get the directions here.

2. Class up your patio with this DIY granite grill.


Get the directions here.

3. Double down with this fire pit/grill combo. 

fire pit grill

Get the directions here.

4. Make personal tabletop grills so each guest can grill their own kabobs.

tabletop grill

 Get the directions here.

5. Use that empty toolbox to make the perfect apartment grill.

apartment grill 

Get the directions here.

6. Build the coolest mini BBQ smoker out of stuff you already have.

mini smoker 

Get the directions here.

7. Be the envy of your neighbors with this DIY ceramic smoker, only $1 billion less than the Big Green Egg. 

ceramic smoker

Get the directions here.

Lastly, don’t forget to stock up wine for these backyard BBQs.


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