8 Pandora Stations Perfect For Gettin’ It On

Need to drown out your primal moans, or just want a good beat to get you in the groove? Then check out these Pandora stations that were made for the sexy time.

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The xx

I think they left out an x, but when you’re grooving to this English indie pop group, we’re sure that you’ll be more interested in finding the missing O.

Explosions in the Sky

More like explosions in your…um…heart with this sweet, rhythmic, love-makin’ station.

Massive Attack

Similar to The xx, this station is all about the ambiance. The sexy ambiance! Bow-chicka-wow-wows not included.

Ali Farka Toure

‘Cause sometimes you just need to get tribal on that ass!

Supreme Beings of Leisure

Dripping wet female vocals and the perfect mix of slow and fast beats make this station a bedroom favorite.


Named after one of the only two other animals that have sex for pleasure, Bonobo radio will have you swinging from the rafters all night long.

R&B Love Songs station

We very well couldn’t make a sex playlist without the likes of Usher and Ginuwine. So, queue up this station for all the smooth and silky hits.

St. Germain

A combination of French house music and nu jazz, this mix will take you to all new holy heights.



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