All Aboard the Jose Cuervo Tequila Train

Is it just me, or are there a lot of train trips these days that focus on booze? We covered a wine train through Napa Valley and an Italian train perfect for drinking your way through the country. Now, there’s a tequila train.

Book a spot on the Jose Cuervo Express, and embark on an adventure that starts in Guadalajara and takes you on a two-hour trip through Mexico before landing at the Cuervo distillery in the town Tequila. The town of Tequila has been designated a Pueblo Magico, or “Magic Town,” by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism.

The train only runs on weekends, so you’ll have time to recover from the inevitable tequila hangover. The journey itself can be as luxurious or as basic as you want. There are three different levels of travel: Express, Premium, or Premium Plus. Tickets are around $100 for the Express level, and you’ll get snacks and cocktails (made with Jose Cuervo tequila, of course). The Premium wagons are designed in the style of classic Orient Express trains and feature table seating.

The Premium Plus level features comfortable leather seating, and Jose Cuervo recommends this package for larger groups (hello, bachelorette party). You’ll also get a full bar, two waiters, and a bartender, so your glass will always be full.  + Leisure reports that travelers who opt for Premium Plus are “seated at plush booths where three perfectly poured tequila tastings are waiting for them,” along with candied agave, coffee beans, shreds of oak barrel and lime rinds. A master tequilier (my new career goal) will school you on the spirit during the train ride and give you tasting tips.

When you arrive in Tequila, you’ll get a tour of the La Rojeña distillery, and get some free time to explore the quintessentially “Mexican” town. On the distillery tour, visitors will get to see the whole process of turning agave into tequila – and you’ll get to sample the stuff.

Since Tequila is so close to Guadalajara, hopping on Jose Cuervo’s tequila train makes for a perfect day trip. If you want to extend your visit, Tequila is home to hotels, museums and other tourist attractions. Either way, tequila is in your future.

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