Edible Tequila Bath Bombs are Here

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably encountered the frequent picture of a fizzy bath bomb — likely from Lush — dropped into someone’s bathtub to create a colorful, relaxing soak. A genius named Cody Goldstein decided to create something similar but for tequila.

We’re not recommending that you bathe in tequila (but hey, we won’t stop you!), but these “cocktail fizzers” transform plain old tequila into a fancy cocktail. They’re essentially a ball of cocktail ingredients and are available in seven varieties — including Passion Fruit and Jalapeno, Cayenne and Blackberry, Tomato and Thyme, and Lychee and Chia Seeds.

When they’re dropped into the tequila (or soda water and simple syrup), the salt and citrus in the fizzers compound and create a colorful, bubbly cocktail. Though the drink seems more like a novelty than a carefully crafted cocktail, you’ll still get the smooth and refreshing elements that make margaritas so delicious.

Goldstein told Supercall that he “wanted to create something that was fun and whimsical… interactive and different. We wanted to think outside of the box.” Each fizzer has its own distinctive flavor, color, and fizz and are reportedly the result of “a lot of trial and error, a lot of science, and a lot of mistakes.”

Goldstein is the founder of Muddling Memories, which defines itself as “an innovative hospitality company specializing in beverage experiences.” I’m intrigued. The Brooklyn-based company expertly crafts Instagram-worthy cocktails for launch parties and new restaurants — and Goldstein has worked with crazy cool companies like Google, FujiFilm, and Peroni, and he orchestrated drinks for events like a Willy Wonka pop-up bar. He uses unusual ingredients like Lucky Charms cereal and edible glitter. He packages them in everything from whole bell peppers to miniature gumball machines.

Goldstein invented the cocktail fizzers to celebrate National Tequila Day with Patron back in February, and I’m really hoping he starts selling them again.

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