5 Rosé-Inspired Drinks to Kick Off Spring

Although rosé has finally become a year-round staple, the arrival of spring always makes it a little more exciting. There’s no doubt that everyone loves an ice cold bottle of pink, but sometimes switching things up is necessary. Don’t worry — we’re definitely not advocating for abandoning rosé wine altogether, but when the mood for something different strikes, and you don’t want to totally surrender all things rosé, look no further than one of these five rosé-inspired alternatives.

Rosé Tequila

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not anymore. Rosé Tequila is officially a thing, just in time for those margarita-filled summer months ahead. Código 1530 Rosa starts as a pure Blanco tequila, followed by one month of aging in Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels, imparting a pale pink hue onto the spirit. Barrels are left uncharred, allowing the tequila to pick up slight pink hues, along with subtle floral-tinged and red fruit-driven nuances.

Rosé Vodka

Produced in Northern California using fresh, local ingredients, Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka is the perfect blend of grains and grapes, using actual California rosé wine in the mix — and yes, you can actually taste the rosé! Floral and fruity, Hangar 1 is perfect for spiking lemonade, making frosé, or even sipping on its own — (yes, a vodka you can actually sip pleasurably on its own!!).

Rosé in a Forty

Forget the cheap beer and malt liquor — wine in a forty is obviously the classy way to go. Produced in France, Forty Ounce Wines are made using sustainable farming and vinification practices, produced in red (Gamay), white (Muscadet), and rosé (!!) options. Forty Ounce Rosé is a blend of Gamay, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Pineau d’Aunis, sourced from the Muscadet and Touraine appellations of France’s Loire Valley. Crisp and refreshing, the wine is super easy to drink, especially in the park with friends. Brown-bag sipping never tasted so good.

Rosé Cider

By the end of the summer, most imbibers can’t wait to lose the rosé and replace it with crisp apple cider — though who says you have to compromise? This year, Angry Orchard has answered all of our autumnal dreams, creating a rosé cider to carry us through all of our favorite seasons. Produced from red-flesh apples from France, the cider is juicy and light, with a fizzy, semi-sweet finish, landing more on the apple cider flavor profile than rosé flavor profile. Perfect for satisfying a light sweet tooth.

Rosé Wine Coolers… in a Can

Canned wine is pretty easy to find nowadays, and as much as we love sipping rosé from them, adding a bit of effervescent grapefruit flavor to the mix makes it all the merrier. Created by Jordan Salcito, RAMONA is an organic, vegan, and gluten-free wine cooler, made from Sicilian white wine and all-natural grapefruit flavoring. Ideal for parks, picnics, and all things sipping beneath the sun.

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