Brazil: They Make Wine There?!

Why haven’t you had a Brazilian wine before? Well, the majority of wine produced in Brazil is consumed in… Brazil.

The main hub of the Brazilian wine industry is in the Rio Grande du Sol, which borders Uruguay and wine-rich Argentina. Yet, it is Italian immigrants that bear a large responsibility for the Samba Nation’s wine industry.


Move over Neymar, wine is on its way.

Those that came from the Veneto and Trentino regions of Italy were reminded of home when they saw the hilly terrain of the Rio Grande du Sol. Wine followed.

Even champagne giant Moet & Chandon took an interest in Brazil in the 1970’s. Currently, sparkling wine production in Brazil is very well-established. Bubbles are in Brazil, folks.

While exports remain scarce, there is serious buzz around Brazil’s potential. It may be some time, but we’re all ears.

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