The Lowdown: 2012 Zuccardi Bonarda Serie A


Give a warm welcome to the 2012 Zuccardi Bonarda Serie A, a deep cut of a wine made from a deep cut of a grape by the name of Bonarda. This Argentinian cult hero has lived in the shadow of Malbec for ages, which works out really well for the Argentines. It’s juicy, and truly one of the food-friendliest wines out there. Without further ado: tasting notes, perfect food and musical pairings (with recipes of course) as well as the nitty gritty and the perfect time to whip it out.


The Nitty Gritty

Home: Uco Valley, Argentina

Variety: Bonarda

Vintage: 2012

Occasion: Swimming in a pool of pasta

Best Paired with: BBQ Spaghetti (yes, really)

Rock out to: Spoon- You Got Yr. Cherrybomb


The Tasting Notes

If you think Malbec is the only wine in Argentina, think again. Bonarda is an unscrupulously juicy vino that will forever change what “food-friendly” means. It’s dark and brooding, but brightened by black raspberry and plum that keeps your glass and plate full. Why haven’t you heard of it? The locals keep it all to themselves. It may play second fiddle to Malbec, but trust us, that’s some damn good fiddle.

Nose: A chunk of blackberry and licorice baker’s chocolate

Palate: A big, long sipping body with the comfort of soft tannins


The Perfect Pairing

BBQ Spaghetti, courtesy of Serious Eats


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